Princess and the Frog Coloring Gallery

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Tiana’s best childhood friend, Charlotte La Bouff, hired her to serve drinks in her Mardi Gras mask party. The party was held to greet Prince Naveen of Maldonia who had just arrived in their town to propose to Charlotte La Bouff to marry him. The party was outstanding, only that none knew that the real Princes Naveen had been transformed into a frog prior to attending the party by Facilier, an evil Voodoo wizard.

Facilier wanted to marry Charlotte La Bouff and got her father’s wealth. He first ensured Prince Naveen to sign a contract and made him belive that he’ll help him marry Charlotte. Turned out that after Prince Naveen agreed to sign the contract, Facilier gave a spelled on him and turned him to a frog. Prince Naveen was left alone, lost in the middle of the party, searching for someone who could break the spell.

He mistakenly thought that Tiana was a princess because she was wearing Charlotte’s fancy gown. Prince Naveen asked Tiana to kiss him to break the spell and promised to give her his father’s wealth. Tiana agreed, thinking that it could the way to reach to her dream. Alas! When they both kissed, the spell got into Tiana also and turned her into a female frog. Now the two of them must find a way to break the spell before midnight, when the spell will last and leave them as frogs forever.

Below is Princess Tiana coloring pages to print and color for free. Enjoy!

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