Gnomeo and Juliet Coloring Page

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Disney Gnomeo & Juliet Keychain Complete Set

Disney Gnomeo & Juliet Keychain Complete Set

Gnomeo and Juliet movie comes from a director of Shrek 2. It tells a secret world of garden gnomes – Gnomeo & Juliet. Perfect for the whole family, this fresh and funny makeover of one of the world’s most timeless story features music from Sir Elton John, and the voice talents of Emily Blunt, James McAvoy and sir Michael Caine.

As Gnomeo and Juliet caught up in a feud between their gnome countries, both must overcome many obstacles to keep their love. Together with flamboyant pink flamingoe friend, this young couple must find a way for their lasting happiness.

Gnomeo Coloring

Gnomeo Coloring

To add up the fun, click here for variousĀ Gnomeo and Juliet coloring pages!

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