Cinderella Coloring Gallery

Posted on 20. Feb, 2012 by in Characters, Disney, Disney Princess | 9 Comments

Disney Cinderella Poster

Disney Cinderella Poster

For Cinderella’s fans, here is a Cinderella’s coloring gallery for you. You can color these beautiful Cinderella’s pictures and keep them as your own collection.

Disney has introduced Cinderella’s story worldwide with her famous glass slipper and prince charming. Girls all around the world can learn good virtues from Cinderella’s story; she’s a poor girl who lives with her mean step mother and sisters.

With said, she always behaves good manner to everyone and is always patient for her fate.

In the end, a kind fairy god mother sets her from misfortune and brings her to meet her dream prince charming. Now, you can have Cinderella’s coloring pages and have fun coloring with your kids!


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9 Responses to “Cinderella Coloring Gallery”

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