Barbie In A Mermaid Tale Coloring and Activities

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[simpleazon-image align="right" asin="B004WY3URU" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="132"]In movie Barbie in A Mermaid Tale, Barbie plays as Merliah Summers, the beautiful Surf Queen of Malibu beach. Merliah is a very good surfer, she often wins various surfing competitions and her presence has always been awaited on the beach. However, little does she know the truth about her origins. Merliah only knows that she is raised by her grandfather because her parents died when she was little.

Apparently, Merliah’s mother is still alive and now in underwater prison in Oceana kingdom. She is known as Calissa, the mermaid queen of Oceana. Queen Calissa was thrown into prison by her own brother, Eris, who envies over Calissa’s crown.

Merliah Summers meets Zuma the talking dolphin who tells her about her mother. She doesn’t want to believe the story but certain changes that happen to her make her believe that she is really a mermaid girl. Zuma brings Merliah to Oceana and they meet two other mermaid girls who help them free Queen Calissa.

Continuing the excitement after watching the movie Barbie in a Mermaid Tale, now little girls can do many activities inspired by the movie. For example, they can do Barbie and the mermaids coloring.

Then, they can also play with Barbie , mermaids, and other Barbie’s surfer friends’ figure toys. Besides that, you can also get the girls to mermaid and sea life activities such as learning about sea animals and plants, drawing mermaid, and so on. Have fun!

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