Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Coloring Gallery

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[simpleazon-image align="right" asin="B003P9VZ0M" locale="us" height="160" src="" width="81"]Do you know the story of Aladdin? Disney has made a movie titled Aladdin based on one of the stories in 1001 Nights (Arabian Nights) book. Though the real story from the book did mentioned a princess whom Aladdin fell in love with, the real name of the princess wasn’t clearly stated.

However, when Disney decided to make Aladdin’s story into an animated movie, it also inserted a princess character named Jasmine. In the movie, Aladdin was told as a poor boy who fell in love with Princess Jasmine and had to fight a villain named Jafar who also wanted to marry Jasmine to be a King. In the end, Aladdin and Jasmine found their way for true love above all the differences that existed between them.

Below is Aladdin And Jasmine coloring page gallery for you. Choose your favorite Aladdin and Princess Jasmine coloring pages and save them into your computer. Have fun coloring! To add more fun, be sure you get Aladdin and Princess Jasmine fun activity ideas!

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6 Responses to “Aladdin and Princess Jasmine Coloring Gallery”

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